My wife and I do the Blockbuster online deal and I added the movie “Martian Child” to list because I am a huge John Cusack fan.  We had it a little ways down but not too far down on our list.  We had Bu-Ray discs and a few “short-wait” discs so to our surprise we got “Martian Child” in the mail. 

It sat in front of our tv for about three days because we weren’t too excited about it.  We finally figured we have to watch it because we wanted to return it for a new movie and didn’t want to waste a movie selection.

Much to our surprise it was one of the best movies we have seen in a long time.

The movie centers on John Cusack’s character (Dave), a sci-fi writer who is a widower.  His wife was adopted and it was a plan of theirs to adopt so he decides to do so after much thought and doubt.  The kid he adopts believes he is from Mars and is here on a mission. 

Cusack struggles to raise Dennis (Bobby Coleman) as he prepares for the follow-up to his “Harry Potter in outerspace” book.  Dennis struggles to fit in with his peers as he honestly believes he is a martian and he shows it in his actions.

I don’t want to give too much away about the movie but Dennis and the things he does make you believe he might be telling the truth about where he is from.  Dave does an amazing job letting a kid be a kid and helping become a “human” at the same time.

The movie is filled with family values, love, wonder, laughter, sadness, character, and it is a great all around movie.  This is a must see for anyone.  It caught us by total surprise in a magnificant way.


My wife and I rented a movie called “Interview” that starred Sienna Miller as a famous actress who is being interviewed by a political journalist who has been downgraded to profiles played by Steve Buscemi. 

The movie was boring, scattered, and didn’t really have any reason for being a movie.  The plot was dumb.  It started with Pierre (Buscemi) waiting an hour in a restaurant for Katya (Miller) to do this interview.  He had no desire to do the interview because he wanted to be in D.C. to cover politics so he blew the interview off as nothing.  Katya didn’t take it lightly and left.

Boring…  the story goes on with Pierre ending up in her loft because his taxi got in an accident because the driver was gaucking at Katya (lame!). 

They tried to conduct the interview but a bottle of wine, a bottle of scotch, some cigs, and some coke for Katya turned into some stupid reversal interview about Pierre’s personal life while she lied to him about hers.

Don’t waste your time on this movie, rather, check out other low budget-indie type films like “Once” or “Waitress” and leave this one on the shelf.