We ate at El Siboney this past weekend on our vacation and it was very good.  There was no appetizer menu but they give you buttered cuban bread to start and it was delicious!  We devoured it in no time. My friend and I ordered the Skirt Steak, my wife the Ropa Vieja, and my friend’s wife the Roast Pork.

They brought out a salad that was a waste of my time.  Iceberg, two tomato slices, and some red onion with a squeeze bottle of dressing.

Then the main course came.  My skirt steak was very good.  It was cooked medium rare without any spice on it.  It was topped with a mixture of onion, cilantro, and lime.  The cut stood up for itself and had plenty of natural flavor and the toppings went well with it but a little seasoning would’ve improved it a bit.  The Ropa Vieja was very moist and is making my mouth water thinking about it.  The Roast Pork was moist and incredibly tender.  The plaintains were too soft and didn’t caramelize enough on the outside.

Overall the meal was a winner but I have had better Cuban in Tampa and Key West is less than 100 miles from Cuba.

Another stop we made was at Paradise Cafe. It’s a small cafe/diner near Old Town. It was too hot to try any coffee so I went with the Monster Paradise Club. The regular comes with 6 ounces of meat and the Monster with 12 opunces of meat. Both are served on an 8 inch hoagie.

The sandwich was HUGE! It had turkey, ham, and bacon, with lettuce, tomato, onion, and mustard. I could only eat half because it was so big. Paradise Cafe was a good value stop for lunch.