I don’t mind balls being called strikes or strikes being called balls as long as it goes both ways.  That’s not the case for the 2009 World Series.  It seems that the Phillies have gotten each close call go their way and now they are getting strikes called balls.  It is way beyond ridiculous.

Not only is the strike zone way off but balks aren’t getting called, guys who are tagged within 10 feet of a base are now called safe, no infield fly rules, and check swings that are actually checked don’t matter.

I feel like the umps are part of what went on in 1919 with the Black Sox.  SCANDAL!  This has gotten so bad that wether you are a Rays fan or not you have to feel sick watching these umps “work”.

MLB has to do something about this.  They have to make sure the best umps are in the World Series.  The stupid deal that umps can’t work back-to-back World Series is utterly ridiculous.  An investigation has to be performed because this is just beyond belief.

I am done… for now.