I finally got to eat at a Jerk Hut thanks to my class making us do “culturally different” activities. The design of the Jerk Hut much like I would picture a Caribbean hut to look like.

I started out with a Ginger Beer. It was strong but very good and unlike any other soda I have had before. My salad was a basic iceberg lettuce with one tomato and some cucumber but the dressing was authentic. It was spicy with hints of red pepper in it; almost like a spicy french dressing but homemade. My main course was jerk chicken with rice and beans. The jerk glaze was ok, not as spicy as I would want. The rice was dry but the beans were good with good texture. The best and most authentic part was the homemade sauce that you put on the chicken. It was spicy and tangy like a saucier spicy bbq sauce. The chicken was moist but the bones were broken and got mixed in and it kinda grossed me out. I also sampled the pineapple soda but it was just like any pineapple soda you would find here in America or in Mexico. Overall it was a good experience and I look forward to trying their pork in the future.