The River Empires is a band that caught my attention due to the members being from one of my favorite bands called Falling Up (who had one of the most overlooked albums of 2007).  The sound that TRE brings is a fresh one. It’s fused with Folk/Bluegrass/Classical and it follows a story. Here is how they describe their sound:

Infusing bluegrass, dark melodramatic folk, and deep cinematic overtones, TRE has promised to cross the line of the artistically sane and drop like a boiling sun into the dark and strange waters of pure imagery. The band is more than just a musical vision, it’s a geometric glance at a ghost story that spins the imagination into lost and haunting infinities. In other words, it’s like sitting around a campfire with friends, summer naps, young love, jumping off a dock into the lake, and all the while getting haunted by a ghost.

The album synopsis is here:

Ultimately, The River Empires seeks to revive the love of musical art and bring together fans and friends alike to share in the journey as they fight to make music they believe in, travel the road doing shows, and love everyone possible. Nothing is what it seems, everything is foreshadowed, and every character, scene, and emotion play out in deliverance to the arched and sweeping crescendo. Welcome to the town of Astral, where the story of The River Empires begins.

They go into studio on May 25th to record their first album.  No date has been set for the release but this is my most anticipated release other than Mute Math who is also in studio recording as I write this.

To hear their music go to: