I was actually going to include Carlos Gomez in my Yunel Escobar rant yesterday but figured my annoyance with him would pass, until his game yesterday.  Here is a piece by Tom Powers of twincities.com:

In Wednesday’s game, Gomez, the team’s irrepressible young center fielder, had three hits, scored two runs, knocked in a run, stole a base and forced a balk. He also was chastised for hot-dogging while catching fly balls and for trying to steal third base with two outs and Joe Mauer at the plate.

Which he did, by the way, but then was thrown out at home after the ball skipped a few feet from the third baseman.

What a show!

He’s been doing it all year.  The fact that I don’t get to see a ton of Twins games has made me less annoyed by his antics.  But manager Ron Gardenhire seems to think his antics are ridiculous:

“It’s kind of crazy, really. It’s high school,” Gardenhire said of Gomez’s antics. “I don’t even know if it’s college (level). But he’s so enthusiastic and such a talent … “

I can’t disagree with him here.  What does Gomez think?  Who does he think he is?  He needs to earn his stripes and even then he needs to behave in a manner that is respectable to the game.  You can show your emotions in a positive way that is not showboating much like Papelbon, David Ortiz, Sabathia, and David Wright to name a few. 

Here is how the base running crap went down:

Two outs, Gomez on second and the Twins’ hottest hitter, Mauer, up, Minnesota is clinging to a 4-3 lead. Suddenly, Gomez breaks for third base. Who knows why? Gomez can score from second on almost any single. Plus, the left-handed-hitting Mauer gives the catcher a clear throw to third base.

No matter, Gomez was off to the races. Catcher Toby Hall’s throw beat Gomez, but the ball squirted out of Joe Crede’s glove when he attempted to apply the tag. As the baseball rolled maybe 10 feet away, Gomez popped up and raced for home.

He was called out on a very close play that could have gone either way. Gardenhire ran out to argue with home plate umpire Tim Timmons but admits his heart wasn’t in it.

“I couldn’t even make a good argument,” he said. “I kept thinking, ‘what the *$#@% is he doing?’ “

Gomez is a very exciting player and should be a very good one in time but for now he needs to settle down and become a team player and cut the antics.