To be blunt – Lakeland sucks for autographs!  The place is like Fort Knox!  You can’t get close to the players.  My friend Mike and I got to the game before the gates opened and batting practice was already done for both teams.  It was about 11:00am and we were standing on the first base side, more like right field, where the Tigers’ players come out.  After 45 min the ushers were pushing everybody out.  We still had 1 hour and 15 minutes until game time!  The ushers even pushed us away from the next two sections and they took thier posts like guards for the White House.  Al Kaline was the only one who signed and only the people in the first 5 rows with tickets could get autograph.  The ushers wouldn’t even let a kid come down, they turned him away promptly.  It was awful!

 Luckily, we went to the Braves side and Chipper Jones was signing and he was signing for everyone.  We got him on a ball and it made up for a little of our frustration.  It was a huge surprise to me that he was signing since the Braves only brought about three starting position players. 

 Needless to say, we went to Lakeland to get Tigers’ autos and we came away with none and a sour feeling towards the way things are done there.  I don’t plan on giving that stadium any more of my money anytime soon.